About Robotic Surgery


What is Robotic Surgery? If a doctor tells you that you need surgery, you may feel confused and concerned. You are probably worried about whether the surgery will be successful, how much pain you may have and how much time you will miss from work. The good news is that with advances in surgical technology, you […]

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Life

running in the sunshine

It’s hard to beat the allure of the quick fix- until you encounter the same problem again, and again.   Most diets begin with restriction, which leads to feelings of deprivation, which lead to overeating, and ultimately feelings of shame and failure.  Healthy habits begin with adding positive behaviors, which lead to small changes, which lead […]



Advanced surgical technology is increasingly becoming the standard of care for some procedures, especially those that fall into the minimally invasive category. Training on the kind of equipment that allows for major surgery through tiny incisions is standard now in most surgical training programs. A new team member. One such “robot,” the da Vinci XI®, […]